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In today’s day and age, when the world is moving at a breakneck speed

Hospitality & Pantry Services

When searching for quality hospitality services

Corporate Cleaning & Maintenance

We at K&Z have been offering profound and reputable services in the field of cleaning to all our clients.


Landscaping and Gardening with K & Z is now the ideal need to beautify property.

Outsourcing & Third Party Payroll

Discovering the best payroll results supplier to fit your business' necessities might be a testing


The Façade & windows need to be clean and sparkly.

Facilities Management

K&Z works with the moto of Service beyond expectation and has been its mantra since inception.

Welcome to Facilities Management

We at K&Z aim at serving our clients in and beyond Gujarat with the ultimate favourable services. We aim at providing proper support and assistance to all our clients in the respective field where they require help. Our one and only mission are to render client fulfilment to its best of parameters.


Be it professional tasks or household chores we understand how a person has to handle all aspects of his or her life one handed or with a very little help.


We at K&Z have been delivering our esteemed services to our clients for quite some time now. We have trained and experienced staff parts to execute the jobs required to be done.


The happy faces of our clients matter the most to us.